Tummy Tuck Recovery

The amount of time an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck recovery takes may be up to four weeks, but it will take several more weeks beyond that before you will feel fully back to normal. Several factors influence the time it takes a patient to recover from an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. These can include the patient’s overall health and physical fitness, the type of abdominoplasty surgery performed, and the patient’s adherence to the surgeon’s post-operative guidelines. Patients are often in a hurry to see their final tummy tuck results, and it is not fairly typical that these patients will find the abdominoplasty recovery process frustrating

Bear in mind that a tummy tuck involves removing no small amount of skin, tightening muscles, and, if liposuction is combined with the abdominoplasty surgery, the extraction of fat. Your body will need time to recover and adjust to these changes.

Healing is always an individual matter, and abdominoplasty is no different in that regard. You must expect to miss at least a week or two of work for your recovery, and some patients require up to four weeks. It will likely take several more weeks beyond that to recover fully and feel fully normal, and see the full benefit of the surgery, however. Patients who were in good physical condition before the surgery typically have shorter recovery times.

The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery used to make the abdomen firmer. It is commonly known as a tummy tuck. The surgical procedure typically involves removing the excess skin from the lower abdomen to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. They typical patient is one with loose tissue after pregnancy, or sagging skin left over after a major, rapid weight loss.

Abdominoplasty procedures are usually divided into categories based on the severity of the procedure. A complete abdominoplasty can take one to five hours. A partial abdominoplasty, or mini-tuck, normally can be finished in an hour or two.

A partial, or mini, abdominoplasty involves smaller incisions. The skin and fat of the lower abdomen are detached in a more limited fashion from the muscle fascia. The skin is stretched down and excess skin removed.

An extended abdominoplasty is a complete abdominoplasty that extends to the fronts of the thighs and flanks (sides). There are also combination procedures, and an abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction contouring, breast reduction, breast lift, and occasionally hysterectomy, depending on the reason for the hysterectomy.

An adbominoplasty may be an effective way to improve the appearance of your abdomen, but bear in mind that it is a substantial surgical procedure and such procedures invariably involve an element of risk. It is important to consult with a plastic surgeon before making the decision to get the surgery done.


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