Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that is more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. It is considered to be a major surgery, and accordingly, patients should follow some steps to prepare themselves for the procedure and its recovery requirements. To shorten Abdominoplasty recovery time, tummy tuck preparation is highly suggested since the surgery is an invasive and major operation that needs to be planned. If not done properly, tummy tuck recovery time can be much longer than necessary. By preparing for Abdominoplasty surgery ahead of time, you can make sure that your recovery is smooth and that your results are the best that they can possibly be. For example, by eating right, exercising and getting the right amount of sleep you can prepare yourself for the surgery, guaranteeing a quicker recovery time.

Prepare to Avoid Complications

If you are a smoker, it would be wise to quit at least between one and two weeks before you are set to have your Abdominoplasty surgery. This is because smoking can increase the risk of potential complications, and it can also delay the healing process significantly. After your Abdominoplasty surgery you should not start smoking again for at least two or more weeks.

Making Healthful Decisions

Preparing for Abdominoplasty surgery begins by making healthy lifestyle choices, because the healthier you are. If you make smart lifestyle decisions before your Abdominoplasty surgery, you can promote improved healing after the surgery, which will drastically decrease potential complication risk post operation. How much time you spend in the hospital is going o be determined by the surgery you have, but also what state of health you are in before the surgery. While you may walk out after a few hours following your surgery in some cases, other cases will require that you be hospitalized for as many as two to three days following your Abdominoplasty operation.

Planning and Preparing for Post Surgery

Planning ahead for the post surgery period is important because for one to two days after your surgery you will have difficulty moving around and may be in pain. After your surgery, you will not be fit to drive so it is important to arrange ahead of time for a ride home from a friend or loved one. You should also arrange to have someone there to help you at all times for at least a couple of days following your surgery, because your abdominal area will be in pain, and this makes moving around much more difficult at best.

By planning ahead, you can make the entire Abdominoplasty surgery experience much quicker and less painless, and can decrease the chance of complications while increasing potential results.


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